Dr Granchev has finished a specialised two year course from the Dawson academy

Dr Granchev has finished a specialised two year course from the Dawson academy on the topics- Complex treatment for cases with problems in the jaws, the temporomandibular joint and tooth wear. The seminars were presented by Dr. Ian Buckle.

Publication in high class magazine, was made by Doctor Marian Granchev.

Publication  in high class magazine about the new trends in dental medicine, was made by Doctor Marian Granchev.

Doctor Granchev was invited to make an appearance in media

Doctor Granchev was invited to make an appearance in media  for the problem of sensitive teeth and how to prevent it with special tooth paste.

Having trouble with Your wisdom tooth, need it to be gone? We can remove it for You, no pain and using the state of the art technology for PRF, with which You would feel like there was no surgical intervention.

The revolutionary fast and painless healing after surgery is not a dream anymore. We like to present to you the PRF- a  plasma product rich in platelets, growth factors and stem cells. Using cutting edge technology we can prepare it at any moment from some of your blood. Putting the PRF in the socket induces fast and painless regeneration. It is so fast that in the next day you can come back to Your everyday lifestyle.

Do you suffer from Foul breath with anxiety inducing name- Halitosis? Learn more about that and find out how we can help you deal with that problem.

Bad breath is always a taboo topic. The discomfort it causes while You are at work, at home, or being intimate with your loved one, makes it a serious social problem.

The scientific name for that condition is called Halitosis. It usualy does not affect the physical health, but complicates Your relations. Bad breath is also a symptom of other health conditions.

Our team of dental professionals can foresee and solve if the problem is inside the mouth, or You should see another specialist so the real cause of the halitosis is found.

If You are in doubt that You have that delicate problem and You want to learn more about it do not delay and get an appointment and we will help you deal with it.

Implants – what you need to know?

Implantology is more advanced today. It is a safe and predictable treatment method for solving a number of aesthetic and functional problems.

It is important to know that only the used method in conjuction with the preparation of the site before implantation and the subsequent loading of the implant can guarantee you the expected result. Additional diagnostic images as well as careful planning and precise implementation are needed.

Let us take care of you!

Periodontitis is successfully curable!

It is important to know that diseases of the gingiva and its underlying bone, which often lead to tooth loss, are now curable. Contemporary dental science has determined the exact mechanisms of development and the reasons for the emergence of periodontitis.

A consultation with us can help you find out whether you are at risk or if you are already suffering from this unpleasant disease. It is very important to know that the earlier you find it, the better the result from the treatment can be.

So, do not hesitate and schedule an appointment for a check up.

Teeth whitening – what is best?

You want a shining smile, right? It unlocks doors!

It is important to select a method for teeth whitening, which will guarantee you long-lasting results over time and that is not associated with adverse effects on the teeth.

We have established a special system for whitening. Administering special agents on the teeth before and after the procedure- process which has prophylactic action. It ensures white teeth for several years and even strengthens them additionally.

There is nothing better than a shining healthy smile!

Wondering how the perfect smile would look on you?

We know how to do it and we can show it to You with an individual DSD /Digial Smile Design/. At the appointment in the clinic we will take several pictures of You and Your smile. And later we will present to You a digital model of the smile that suits You best.