Prevention is of great importance for the dental medicine as well as the other parts of Medicine. Denying the development of the disease saves time and money for the patient. Because of that it is a priority for us, and our treatment methods follow the minimally invasive dentistry. After a detailed clinical examination we create individual Prophylaxis program. In this way we can prevent the oral diseases- caries and periodontal disease. The clinical examination includes:

  • Special test analyzing the quality and quantity of your saliva.
  • Special microbiological test defining the type and quantity of the bacteria in your gingival pockets.
  • We will demonstrate to you and will train you how to achieve maximum personal oral hygiene. Regularly we will send you invitations to control your oral hygiene level and check up.

We use ultrasonic dental scaler- Newtron P5XSB made from the French company- Acteon Satelec, for your professional oral hygiene.


In MG Dental Clinic are used conventional protocol for remineralization, which prevent the development of disease in your mouth.

We give special care for the children by teaching them how to brush their teeth. We also prevent caries on their newly grown teeth by applying sealant over them. It is proven that sealants reduce the appearance of caries.