Endodontics/Root canal therapy/

Endodontics/Root canal therapy/

An extremely important part of the dental medicine, although most patients underestimate it. The endodontist treats acute and chronic inflamations on the dental pulp, dental roots and periapical tissues. For the most part the inflamation does not provoke pain, and a main symptom can be a sudden swelling in the facial or jaw area. All treated teeth should be checked regularly with x-rays, so we can prevent pain and complications.

MG Dental Clinic is specialized and uses the most modern approaches for endodontic therapy. Every procedure is done after the tooth is isolated from the mouth with the help of rubber dam. Also the instruments that are used for canal preparation are state of the art. The success rate for endodontic treatment is furthermore increased by the use of Opmi pico microscope(Carl Zeiss). With its help we can see the full pulpal anatomy, diagnosis cracks, and find additional canals(if not found usually cause inflammation).

MG Dental Clinic is one of the few clinics dealing with removal of broken instruments from root canals.
The medical team is one of the most experienced and qualified for Endodontic treatment.

Before you take out a tooth ask US if we can save it.