Aesthetic dental medicine

Aesthetic dental medicine

Using the means and methods of the aesthetic dentistry we can alter or recover any smile. That regains your self confidence Your smile is essential part of your face, it makes you more attractive and radiant to everyone around you. Making small corrections to the color(whitening), or the structure(bonded restorations or enameloplasty) we can improve the look of your smile. If we need more radical changes we can use prosthetic methods- like putting on ceramic(zirconia) veneers or full crowns. Beautiful smiles fascinate.

Just smile!!!

We can offer you individual DSD(digital smile design) projects. You can see your new smile and we will discuss with you how it will be achieved.

  • Ceramic veneers – The most aesthetic and modern approach. They can be used to change the shape and color of teeth. With them we can achieve the most brilliant smile. They can be used to close the spaces between teeth(diastemas). A veneer is a thin ceramic plate, that is retained on the front side of the tooth.
    They look quite natural and are a long term solution for your smile.

e_max-veneer emax-veneer

    • All ceramic crowns - modern solution for the restoration of teeth with deep caries defects and fractures. Material that is bio compatible to the soft tissues. That type of crowns do not irritate the gingiva and it does not shrink away from the crowns edge, also they do not cause the unpleasant tinge the metal in metal ceramics do. The lack of metal makes it impossible to have an allergy or any other sensitivity to the crown. There is no metal taste in the mouth.
      The all ceramic crowns are the most modern, aesthetic and made from bio-tolerable material.


    • Zirconia crowns and bridges – highly technological crown/bridge
      Due to its extreme hardness and durability it is used for the making of bridges with one or more missing teeth. They are chosen when there is need for bio-tolerant and durable material over highly discolored teeth.

Emax_crown 281e2af7-e530-4740-9ac8-d42489172bee


    • Teeth whitening – throughout life teeth darken. The everyday consumption of some foods and drinks can change the teeth color,
      The beautiful and brilliant smile is a main part in everyone’s charm. The process for teeth whitening uses a preliminary made silicone splint and a whitening gel that is put inside it. You can wear the splint in a convenient for you time- usually at night. The procedure takes around 12-15 days and the result is maintained for many years. After several years you can repeat it.
      There is another method for whitening in clinical conditions. The result can be seen immediately, but the result is not maintained for long.



    • Enameloplasty– fine corrections of edges, sharp points and rough surfaces of the teeth. With this method we can harmonize the look of the smile.


  • Bonded restorations– applying special composite materials on the surface of the teeth we can alter their look and shape. It is a fast, easy and affordable method to achieve a beautiful smile.