МG Dental Clinic is founded in 2011 as a successor of dental studio ‘Dr. Granchev’.It has 3 dental offices, 2 comfortable reception halls with reception desk, professional photo studio. In which we will document you with photos and videos so we can prepare and accomplish Your perfect smile. There is well equipped interactive meeting room for communication with the patient. In there we can discuss your treatment plan and answer all Your questions. To visualize it we will use special software to visualize the procedures so you can understand them before we start. We haven’t forgotten the children- we have one dental office that will be interesting even for them.

The clinics is equipped with modern apparatus made by famous World manufacturers, guaranteeing high quality of the treatment procedures.

The dental chairs of the American company ‘А-dec’ are of the highest class and are famous for the extreme comfort for the patient.


There is „Opmi pico” Dental microscope in the clinic, produced by Carl Zeiss which allows us to be extremely precise and thorough in our work. So we can achieve perfect results.

MIKROSKOP za pole KLINIKA1 MIKROSKOP Mikroskop-za pole Klinika3

There is a digital radiographer in МG Dental Clinic for sector dental x-ray. The x-ray tube head is the last generation made from the Finnish company ‘Planmeca’ and meets the highest European safety standards. In order to get the image, the most innovative in the World technology is used. Phosphorous plaques and special scanner digitizing the image from the plaque (Durr Dental). The combination between the special x-ray tube head and phosphorous plaques provides the least possible amount of radiation for the patient.This enables us to be thorough in the diagnostics and after treatment control and follow the healing process that occurs later.


Surgical procedures like: implant placement, sinus lift with crestal and lateral access, pre-implant manipulations for preparation of the jaws, extraction of impacted wisdom teeth and deeply fractured near the roots teeth- we use the final model of Piezotome(ultrasonic) “Solo LED “ made from the French company „Аcteon Satelec”. The piezotome and ultrasonic surgery guarantee lower operational trauma, higher success rate of the surgical operations and fewer post operative complications(pain).

ppiezotom 3

In the clinic PRF(platelet rich fibrin) is made using patients own blood. Special approved from the inventor of the method centrifuge is used. Using the product on surgical sites greatly improves the healing rate and lowers the post surgical complications like pain and swelling.”