Dr. Sashka Hadjieva

_DSC3377Dr Sashka Hadjieva

Graduated Master of Dental medicine from Faculty of dental medicine Medical university-Sofia.
Member of the Bulgarian Dental Association from 2013.
Works in the area microscopic assisted endodontics and Biomimetic esthetic restorations.

Postgraduate education and training:

Attended many international congresses and symposiums.
In the area of the bio-mimetic restorations – Д-р Кремена Моллова и Д-р Радослав Аспарухов
In the area of microscope-assistedd surgery and endodontics- Prof. Gianluca Gambarini, Dr. Marga Ree, Dr. Tom Shloss.
In the area of dental implantolgy- Prof Dr. Nitzan Bichacho, Dr Bahige Tourbah, Prof. Carlo Maria Soardi, Prof. Dr. Andon Filtchev,Dr. Jose Carlos Rosa.