Dr. Marian Granchev

_DSC3368Dr. Marian Granchev

He has graduated from the Medical University in Sofia, faculty of Stomatology in 2004, major: dental medicine.

He works mainly in the area of aesthetic dentistry, implantology, microscope assisted endodontics and dental surgery, full mouth reconstruction of severely worn dentition.




  • In the area of aesthetic dentistry- Prof. Didier Dietschi Switzerland, Prof. Pascal Magne Switzerland, d-r Mauro Fradeani Italy, Dr. Dan Fischer- USA, Dr. Simone Grandini, Dr Sergei Radlinski, Dr Nazariy Mykhaylyuk, DSD Workflow Dr. Livio Yoshinaga, Prof. Franchesko Mangani- Italy.
  • Foundations of the dental management – Jennifer De Saint George;
  • Endodontics- Full masters course Dr Ian Bergmans- Belgium, Dr. Gambarini-Italy; Dr. Castelucci- Italy, Dr Sleiman USA, Dr Jean Philippe Mallet- France, Dr. Gary Glassman – USA, Dr. Marga Ree- Netherlands, Dr. Gilberto Debelian – Norway;
  • Hands on course for PRF.
  • Hands on course for dental photography- Dr. N. Nikolov.
  • Occlusion and articulation-Full masters course Prof. Marcel Le Gall- France, Dr. Ian Buckle -UK; Dr. Kiril Dinov- Bulgaria, Dr. Steve Ratcliff- USA, Dr. Claudio Nanini- Italy, D-r Sergei Radlinski- Ukraine, Dr Nazariy Mykhaylyuk Ukraine, Dr. Harold Menchel- Germany, Dr. Diddier Dietshi;
  • Parodontology- Full Masters course Prof. Andre Saadoun, Dr Otto Zuhr- Germany, Full one year masters course – Aesthetic microsurgery and parodontology- Dr G. Zuchelli.
  • Implantology- Dr. Henry Salama-USA, prof.  Alessandro Pozzi Italy Dr. Manfred Long Germany; Dr. Peter van der Schoor; prof. Andre Saadoun, Dr. Jose Carlos Rosa; prof. Michael Jabbour.

Has given lectures in Bulgarian and international dental simposiums.

Member of Gide – Global Institute for Dental Education – Los Angeles – USA.

Member of DSD World Team – Certified Members.

Member of the Bulgarian Dental Association and co-founder of the Implantology Club – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Owner of МG Dental Clinic.